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Little Dipper 2 In-Line Fluorometer

Little Dipper 2 In-Line Fluorometer

The Little Dipper™ 2 is an accurate, single-channel, light industrial fluorometer which installs directly into industrial process streams. It provides a 4 - 20 mA signal output proportional to the concentration of the fluorophore being measured. The Little Dipper 2 is a rugged, 24/7 sampling device that provides maximum performance, minimal maintenance, and solid state reliability. It can be used with data collection systems to monitor and control the level of treatment chemicals for industrial applications. 

Patent Number 7,099,012 

Product Highlights:
  • Improved turbidity and dissolved iron rejection

  • Dynamic Range: <1 to 300 ppb typical for PTSA

  • Sensitivity: <1 ppb typical

  • Solid state fluorometer uses LED/photodiode technology, no moving parts

Technical Documentation
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