AquaFlash Handheld Fluorometer

AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer

Total Chlorophyll & Photosynthetic Efficiency

The AquaFlash™ provides quick and accurate estimations for total chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency "health" of algae using in vivo fluorescence detection. Simply insert a 10x10mm square glass or quartz cuvette with your sample and press READ. Results are displayed and automatically logged to be viewed or downloaded at a later time. The AquaFlash has a total data storage capacity of 1,000 measurements which include raw fluorescence values along with calculated estimates for user reference. 

Product Highlights:
  • Results in <15 seconds
        - Total Chlorophyll (µg/L)
        - Photosynthetic Efficiency (yield)

  • Factory Calibrated
       - Quick Calibration Check

  • Portable
       - Handheld, Battery Powered
       - Quick Calibration Check

  • Portable
       - Handheld, Battery-Powered 
       - Internal Data Logging


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