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AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer for Quick Assessment of Photosynthetic Efficiency

Turner Designs’ new AquaFlash provides an incredibly easy and fast method for obtaining accurate estimations of both Total Chlorophyll (µg/L) and Photosynthetic Efficiency (Yield) or “Health” of algae. These parameters are often used to track or predict the onset of blooms, look at phytoplankton stressors such as toxins or grazing pressure, and determine algal effects resulting from water mixing, sedimentation, etc. The AquaFlash’s intuitive operation makes it a particularly attractive instrument for quick assessments. A user would simply fill a glass or quartz 10x10mm square cuvette with a sample, insert the cuvette into the sample compartment, and press READ. In less than 15 seconds accurate results are displayed and automatically logged to be viewed or downloaded at a later time. The AquaFlash has a detection limit of 0.3µg/L and a linear (0.99 r2) measuring range to 100µg/L total chlorophyll making it a useful tool for any aquatic habitat, freshwater or marine. It can store 1,000 measurements with each measurement containing both raw values and calculated estimates. Waterproof & dustproof, the AquaFlash is a field-proven package in a highly durable case – it even floats. Powered by 4 AAA batteries it is an ideal sensor for quick assessments of photosynthetic efficiency.

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