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CyanoFluor Handheld HAB Indicator

Predict the Onset of Harmful Algal Blooms

Early identification of harmful algal blooms (HABs) is important for protecting public health. CyanoFluor™ is a field-portable fluorometer which can quickly estimate the abundance of cyanobacteria in a mixed algal population using PC (phycocyanin) to CHL (chlorophyll) ratios. Monitoring PC to CHL ratios over time enables users to predict the onset of HABs and leverage resources to mitigate their harmful effects. 

Raw water samples can be quickly analyzed with results displayed in less than 30 seconds. Simply insert a cuvette with your sample and press READ. PC:CHL ratios are displayed and logged and can be downloaded at a later time. 

CyanoFluor is factory-calibrated meaning no calibration is required; RFU values can be correlated to µg/L using conversion coefficients. Solid-state opto-electronics ensure long term instrument stability. CyanoFluor’s intuitive functions, small size, and internal data storage make it an ideal field instrument for HAB monitoring. 

Product Highlights:
  • Estimate Abundance of Cyanobacteria
        - PC:CHL Ratios Automatically Calculated
        - Raw Fluorescence Tracking

  • Excellent sensitivity and repeatability
       - PC MDL = 0.3 µg/L
       - Chlor MDL = 0.3 µg/L

  • Factory Calibrated
       - Results in <30 seconds
       - Quick Calibration Check

  • Portable
       - Handheld, Battery-Powered 
       - Internal Data Logging

Technical Documentation

Predicting HAB events 

How to measure PC to CHL ratios
in DOM rich water

Field Kit Overview

How to verify calibration using the calibration check standard

How to measure a sample

Data Downloading

Accessories & Spare Parts


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