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Packages available from Eureka Water Probes

We are proud to partner with many companies to provide a diverse range of water quality monitoring solutions to fit any customer need. Today we're featuring Eureka Water Probes.


The Trimeter™ incorporates any one Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensor plus optional depth and/or temperature measurements. Internal-logged data can be offloaded via underwater cable or Bluetooth connectivity using the Leapfrog Bluetooth Battery. Trimeter is submersible to 200m.



The Manta+ family offers six (6) different sizes of multiprobes with up to 12 sensors in one integrated package. Available sensors include temperature, optical DO, pH, ORP, conductivity, depth, level, turbidity as well as fluorometers including chlorophyll, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin, CDOM/FDOM, rhodamine, fluorescein, crude oil, refined fuel, optical brighteners, tryptophan, and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE’s) including ammonium, nitrate, sodium, calcium, bromide, chloride and more. All Mantas are submersible to 200m.


MantaLink Remote

MantaLink Remote offers a simple and cost effective platform for remote monitoring of Manta+ multiprobes – plus other SDI-12 sensors. The cell modem based system includes prepaid data and web hosting (for the first year) with an easy to use interface for real-time data as well as alerts.

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