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C-FLUOR Probes now offer Digital Output

C-FLUOR probes are sensitive single-wavelength in situ fluorescence and turbidity instruments that are now available with a Digital Output option. ASCII data can be polled every 0.5 seconds or streamed at variable rates as fast as 16 readings per second. Combining a maximum requirement of 22mA current draw at 12VDC input with a T99 of less than 0.6 seconds, Digital C-FLUOR probes require very low levels of power. Factory-calibrated, each C-FLUOR ships with a calibration certificate that specifies the calibrated range and minimum limit of detection as fluorophore concentrations. Titanium construction allows for a depth rating of 2,000 meters as well as superior resistance to corrosion, an important factor with the capability for extended deployments.

Digital C-FLUOR probes are very small -- 5.2” length x 0.9” diameter (13.24cm x 2.23cm) and weigh 3.3 oz (95 grams). They can easily be integrated with dataloggers that accept ASCII data strings via RS-232. Probes are available for estimating concentrations of: in vivo Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, CDOM/fDOM (dissolved organic material), Blue/Green Algae, Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine Dye, Optical Brighteners, and Turbidity. Available accessories include Flow-through Cap for in-line sampling; Shade Cap to minimize affects from ambient light and offer protection for the optics; Solid Secondary Standards for checking instrument stability; various cable lengths; and a programming cable for utilizing software calibration functions if custom calibrations are desired.

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