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Introducing C-FLUOR Submersible Probes, Ultra Low-Power Sensors

C-FLUOR Submersible Probes are sensitive, extremely low power single wavelength in situ fluorescence and turbidity sensors available in several optical configurations. Requiring a maximum of 12mA current at 12VDC input, C-FLUOR probes can be integrated and deployed for much longer intervals than previously possible with submersible probes. And, with a very fast response time of less than 0.6 seconds, they require even less power, outputting data soon after power is applied. Factory-calibrated, each C-FLUOR ships with a calibration certificate used to convert the analog output signal to a specific concentration estimate. The Titanium construction allows for a depth rating of 2,000 meters as well as superior resistance to corrosion, an important factor with their capability for extended deployments.

C-FLUOR probes are available for detecting: in vivo Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, CDOM/FDOM (dissolved organic material), Blue/Green Algae, Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine Dye, Optical Brighteners, and Turbidity. C-FLUOR Probes are pin-compatible with Cyclops Sensors so they are easily integrated into many third-party systems that currently use Cyclops Sensors. Available accessories include:

  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger for field studies

  • Flowthrough Cap, for use with a submersible pump for flow through sampling

  • Shade Cap to provide a fixed distance for sample measurement minimize affects from ambient light, and offer protection for the optics

  • Solid Secondary Standards to check instrument stability

  • Cables of varying lengths

  • Liquid Equivalent Standards for users wanting to change the factory calibration.

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