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Logging & Remote Monitoring Solutions available from our Partners
PME Cyclops-Logger

Cyclops-7 Logger - Sold by Precision Measurement Engineering

The Cyclops-7 Logger connects to one Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensor at a time. PME offers a fixed sensor version as well as an interchangeable sensor version. The logger records measurements internally at a variety of possible sample rates. Data are offloaded from the logger to a computer via a standard USB cable. The logger is completely self-contained and waterproof. Internal power allows the logger to operate for roughly 28,000 samples

Visit PME Website for more information

Eureka Trimeter

Trimeter – Sold by Eureka Water Probes

Trimeter™ connects to any one Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensor or Eureka pH/ORP, DO, conductivity, or pressure sensor while also providing depth and/or temperature measurements.   Internal data memory of 4Mbytes can be offloaded via an underwater cable or Bluetooth connectivity using the Leapfrog Bluetooth Battery.  Trimeter is submersible to 200m.

Visit Eureka's Website for more information

PME C-sense Logger

C-Sense Logger - Sold by Precision Measurement Engineering

The C-Sense™ Logger is a submersible, portable device that pairs with the Turner Designs C-sense Sensor to record pCO2 over a period of time. Data are collected at a variety of sample rates, selected by the customer, stored internally and can be offloaded to a computer via a USB cable for easy viewing and analysis. 

Visit PME Website for more information

PME miniWiper

miniWIPER for Cyclops-7 Logger - Sold by Precision Measurement Engineering

The miniWIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can be used with a variety of sensors. It can be programmed to wipe at various intervals and is powered from two AA Lithium batteries. A small brush rotates over the sensor performing a complete wipe of the sensor surface, and then rests away from the sensor allowing for accurate and continuous monitoring. The wiper is an anti-fouling device preventing various organisms from growing on the sensor and interfering with data.

Visit PME Website for more information


Wavelet – Sold by Ayyeka

Combined with one or several Turner Designs' sensors, Ayyeka's Wavelet IoT edge device is an ultra low-power, fully-autonomous system for collecting field data and providing situational awareness. The Ayyeka IoT Platform allows for user-friendly data management and visualization as well as over-the-air configuration of your Wavelet fleet.

Visit Ayyeka's Website for more information

aquaMeasure POD

aquaMeasure POD - Sold by Realtime Aquaculture

The aquaMeasure POD is a compact, rugged wireless sensor that connects to a range of Cyclops-7F submersible sensor (BG Algae, CDOM/FDOM, Chlorophyll, Turbidity). The aquaMeasure POD can be used as part of a complete realtime monitoring system or as a stand-alone logger that can be managed via your smart phone. Designed with a focus on your data, the aquaMeasure POD combines underwater communications with cloud-sync technology, delivering a user experience that is both intuitive and unique. 

Visit the Realtime Aquaculture website for more information

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