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Real-time Mapping and Data Integration with the C3 Submersible Fluorometer

Whether you’re involved with a dye, algal, or coastal contamination study, data mapping is a powerful way to present and analyze your data. Quick and efficient visual indications of fluorescence, position and depth enable researchers to make real-time adjustments allowing for more precise, focused field-work and data collection. In order to facilitate real-time data collection, Turner Designs released the C-ray towed deployment body (P/N 2300-750) for the C3 Submersible Fluorometer. The C-ray allows the C3 to be deployed alongside a moving vessel at a slow speed. A data cable running from the C3 fluorometer enables the user to measure real-time fluorescence, temperature and depth. These data can then be easily parsed with GPS data using off-the-shelf solutions such as Windmill Data Acquisition Software.

Real-Time data, without GPS location data, can also be captured and viewed using Turner Designs C-Soft, standard with every C3 Submersible Fluorometer. C-Soft allows the operator to view the waveform or the raw values in numeric form as they are being saved to a file on the PC desktop. The images below illustrate the powerful way the data can come to life as the concentration levels are presented in a visual format.

Author: Tom Brumett Institution: Turner Designs

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