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C3s travel from San Francisco to Australia

Parameters: Chlorophyll, Turbidity, Crude OIl

On November 17th, 2011, Liquid Robotics launched four Wave Gliders from San Francisco. Two were designated for travel to Australia and two were directed to Japan. Fourteen months later in January, 2013, the first Wave Glider, Papa Mau, arrived in Australia and in February the second, Benjamin, arrived. Configured with Turner Designs C3 Submersible Fluorometers, the wave gliders collected and transmitted chlorophyll, turbidity, & crude oil data throughout the journey. Data were accessible on the Liquid Robotics website including findings such as a 1200 mile chlorophyll bloom along the equatorial pacific. We haven’t seen Benjamin’s yet, but we think Papa Mau’s C3 looks pretty good for having been out at sea for fourteen months! Fontaine Maru & Picard Maru had a few mechanical issues but should be back in the water en route to Japan soon.

Author: Liquid Robotics, Inc. Location: California, USA

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