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Continuous Remote Water Quality Monitoring provided by the Wavelet and Cyclops

Parameters: Turbidity

Ayyeka’s Wavelet is an all-in one remote monitoring kit that covers all aspects of a project from the sensor to data collection, transmission and analysis. It uses a cloud-based data center to view, analyze and plot sensor information. The Wavelet is an autonomous system, powering the sensor from its internal battery. The outputs from analog sensors, such as Turner Designs Cyclops, are converted to digital signals through a high-end 16 bit analog-to-digital converter. Data are then transmitted, via a secure connection, to a cloud-based data center for collection and management.

In a recent application of this technology, a resident in a mid-sized city in the center of Israel continuously complained to the local water municipality that water being delivered to their home was cloudy. Every time the water company came to investigate the turbidity measurement was at an acceptable level. The company even instituted a protocol for manual sampling, the results of which reinforced the position that there was no water quality issue to be found.

The local water municipality contacted Ayyeka to install a Wavelet remote water monitoring kit with a Turner Designs Cyclops Turbidity Sensor.

By continuously monitoring the turbidity levels of the pipes leading to the residence, Ayyeka and the local water municipality were able to see that there indeed was an increase in turbidity at regular intervals of one hour during the day and one hour in the middle of the night.

Without the continuous monitoring aided by the capabilities of the Turner Designs Cyclops Turbidity Sensor and the Ayyeka Wavelet system, these turbidity measurement anomalies would not have been discovered. Ayyeka ultimately enabled the water company to pinpoint the problem and improve water quality to the local residents.

For more information on Ayyeka and the Wavelet, please visit their website or contact Sivan Cohen, Director of Business Development.

Author: Sivan Cohen Institution: Ayyeka, Jerusalem, Israel

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