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Enhanced Aquaculture Production Through Remote Sensing, Field Studies and Industry Partnerships

Parameters: pCO2

Congratulations to Matthew Gray who was awarded a Travel Stipend for his poster presentation at ASLO 2017 featuring our C-sense pCO2 Sensor. Presentation Overview The Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (SEANET) seeks to expand and enhance aquaculture production in Maine to meet domestic demand and bolster this emerging industry. With >3,000 miles of coastline, identifying suitable habitat for aquaculture in Maine is a daunting but potentially lucrative and necessary task to optimize production and profitability of farms. View full presentation

Authors: Matthew W. Gray, Damian C. Brady, Jordan Snyder, Teiga Martin, Breanna Whittemore, and Kathy Miller

Institution: School of Marine Sciences University of Marine

Orono, Maine USA

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