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ABS Certifies Ballast-Check 2 for Ballast Water Compliance Testing

Turner Designs’ Ballast-Check™ 2 is the first biological indicative compliance monitor to receive a Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate from ABS. The PDA certifies that the Ballast-Check 2 is fit for purpose as marine specialty equipment. It was important to Turner Designs that users of the Ballast-Check 2 were provided an assessment conducted by a 3rd party with marine environment experience and knowledge of the ballast water convention and US regulations. In performing the assessment, ABS examined the Ballast-Check 2 for usability and suitability for use as a rapid compliance measurement tool in marine environments.

To obtain a copy of the PDA:

  • At the bottom of the page – under Search Approved Databases, follow the links for Type Approval.

  • Enter “Ballast Water Analyzer” in the Product Field, click SEARCH NOW

Ballast-Check 2 evaluates the risk of non-compliance for regulation D-2 using estimates of cell counts and cell viability as independent parameters during ballast water analysis. This evaluation method has been repeatedly proven to give accurate risk assessments for all treatment types, including UV.

Ballast-Check 2 can be used by a ship’s crew before pulling into port providing necessary paperwork to show port state control that the ballast water is managed. Ballast-Check 2’s portability also makes it easy for port state control to bring on board for their own testing. And, when conducting more detailed analysis (i.e., biological performance tests for port state control or type approval), Ballast-Check 2 can be used in parallel to allow the ship’s crew (and testing personnel) to predict or double-check the results of other biological enumeration methods.

Ballast-Check 2 is a small, lightweight, highly durable handheld fluorometer ideal for quick indicative compliance checks of ballast water. Factory-set, Ballast-Check 2 is ready for use right out of the box – no calibration necessary. Extremely simple one-button measurements display estimates in less than 1 minute of both cell counts and cell viability, providing ship crew or port state control with an indication of risk for exceedance of the regulation. Small, battery-powered, water-proof, easy to use, and not requiring the use of any reagents, Ballast-Check 2 is perfect for field use. Ballast-Check 2 is ideal for quick on-the-spot assessments of the effectiveness of a ballast water treatment system.

Turner Designs is partnered with Wilhelmsen Ships Services to provide all ship board application sales and support.

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