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Turner Designs News – March 2015

Introducing several new products last year is making this year particularly busy for everyone at Turner Designs.  Our C-sense pCO2 sensor is getting a great reception from customers while our partners expand options for integration. Our red chlorophyll sensor is deployed at several sites and we should have good data sets to share soon. Ballast-Check 2, our Handheld PAM Fluorometer, will soon be with ACT & USCG for validation testing as a ballast water compliance monitoring tool. This instrument will be critical for verifying compliance when the regulations go into effect. ICAM, our new in situ absorption meter, has been in the field on local oceanographic cruises collecting valuable data. And better than OUR news is YOUR news – many thanks for sending in articles about how you’re using our instruments. We always love seeing our “instruments in action.”

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