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AlgaeWatch and CyanoWatch are obsolete; Enviro-T2 and Controller available as alternative

Key components of our AlgaeWatch & CyanoWatch Online Fluorometers recently became unavailable. We still have enough material to repair fielded units, but we are unable to build additional new units. This prompted us to introduce the simplified alternative, the Enviro-T2. We expect customers will find it to be an easy transition from AlgaeWatch & CyanoWatch. Our new solution for online monitoring of algae includes the Enviro-T2 configured with a controller.  Integration is simple, requiring only the 4-20mA cable included with the Enviro-T2.  There are several advantages to our new offering:

  • Simplified maintenance – Enviro-T2 optical head is easily accessible for inspection and cleaning
  • Factory Calibrated – No calibration required, simply power up and start measuring
  • Lower detection limit – Enviro-T2 MDL is 0.03µg/L, three times more sensitive than AlgaeWatch
  • Rugged – Enviro-T2 material will survive well in both fresh & marine environments
  • Larger flow capacity – Enviro-T2 enables greater flow with 1” NPT plumbing

>>Learn more about Enviro-T2 and W600 Controller

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