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Case Study: Knysna Basin Project Utilizes C6 Multi-Sensor Platform with Chlorophyll and Turbidity Sensors

Rhodes University Field Station is an adjunct of the Department of Zoology and Entomology. The University Department has made considerable advances in estuarine and oceanic studies over many years that have appeared in international peer reviewed journals. It is sited in the coastal town of Knysna, 400 km west of the university in Grahamstown. Estuarine research as such was initiated during my tenure as Professor and Head of the Department from 1963. Following my retirement in 1988 I set up the field laboratory to encourage graduate students and scientists to continue work on the water column, macroinvertebrates and saltmarshes of the Knysna estuary (34 04 46 S :: 23 03 29 E). The website gives some indication of the issues we consider important and the persons working on them. >>learn more

C6 Multi-Sensor Platform

Turner Designs submersible fluorometer: left hand downloading data mode; right hand submersible mode with battery pack in place

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