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Real Time Ionic-Fluorescence Dye Tracer Instrument

Parameters: Rhodamine WT

1. - The device “INIRIDA DEEP FLOW” (IDF) is a hardware-software tool that operates in a real-time fashion, using both conductivity and fluorescence probes simultaneously. It is an advanced graphical instrument which provides hydraulic, mass transport and geomorphology information. It also provides an indication of when the tracer is in “Complete mixing condition”. This complete package is a very useful tool for water quality studies. It takes advantage of an easy to use Cyclops fluorescence probe. Additionally, this system has a digital interface which can be interfaced with a pocket computer.

2. - The IDF usage: The images below illustrate how the IDF was used in a large mountain river in Colombia. In this experiment, we used a current meter to compare results.

3. - Measurement Results: The IDF calculates a theoretically Non Fickian curve which can be compared with experimental curve (Left). The discharge is calculated by conservation of mass principle (right). Rhodamine WT injections were of M=4 grams at several distances.

Current meter discharge measurements in the table below are “QCm” and IDF measurements are “Q”. The IDF also provides mean velocity flow information.

Author: Alfredo J. Constain

Institution: Amazonas Technologies, Bogotá, Colombia

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