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Custom Modules for the Trilogy

Turner Designs has over 40 years of experience engineering optical instruments. Researchers often request custom fluorescence or absorbance modules for specific applications to be used with the Trilogy. When requesting a custom application, provide us with the following information in order for us to properly specify and design your custom module:

• Excitation (Absorption) and Emission center wavelength (CWL) • Desired bandwidth, if available • Application or Dye Name • MSDS for the Dye, if available • Existing Application notes, if available

We will provide you with detailed filter information for your records and approval prior to processing any order.

This is a typical example of filter transmission data that are provided to develop custom modules.

Turner Designs will guarantee the optical specification and functionality of your custom module but we cannot ensure minimum detection limit or dynamic range as applied to any specific application. To inquire about custom modules available for the Trilogy or any of our fluorometers, please contact our sales team.

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