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A ‘Natural’ Experiment in Santa Monica Bay, California: Potential Changes in the Microbial Loop in R

Parameters: Chlorophyll

Congratulations to Jayme Smith who was awarded a Travel Stipend for her poster presentation at ASLO 2017 featuring our Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer.

Study Questions •  Will the diverted Hyperion effluent cause a phytoplankton bloom in Santa Monica Bay? •  If phytoplankton do respond, what groups responded and what was the magnitude of the response? •  If phytoplankton do not respond, what inhibited the response?

Authors: Jayme Smith, Alyssa Gellene, Curtis Cash, Mas Dojiri, and David A. Caron

Institution: University of Southern California, City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring Division

Location: Santa Monica Bay, CA USA

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