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Reliable Instruments for an Unreliable World

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providing sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use 
fluorometers for water quality monitoring



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HAB Monitoring Made Easy - Tech Talk
Innovative instrumentation is available for developing new age methods of monitoring for algae.  Advancements in optics and electronics allow us to build specialized fluorometers that target specific marker pigments in an effort to more accurately quantify various algal groups or estimate pigment concentrations in real-time, in the field.  The traditional methods of collecting grab samples from the field for processing can now take a back seat to the better resolved data sets we can compile from these new age tools.

Case Study

Predicting cyanobacterial biovolumes from phycocyanin fluorescence using a handheld fluorometer in the field - Read More

Tech Note

New Tools & Accessories for Monitoring Algal Growth in Test Tubes

The In-Line Adaptor accessory P/N 2820-530 for C-FLUOR probes can be used to help users monitor algal growth in test tubes without affecting algal cultures. This demonstration shows how these tools and accessories are effective for growth monitoring. 

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