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State of California announced that everyone is to stay home due to COVID-19.  Our office staff is set up to work from home so we expect to continue to support customers with answers throughout this time. Sadly, our production department will not be able to build instruments so all shipments are on hold. If you have upcoming requirements, please continue to send orders. Orders will be entered as received, however order confirmations with ship dates won’t be sent until after we return to the office.   The state issued order can be lifted or extended as required.  Keep in touch!

of sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use 
fluorometers for water quality monitoring




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Case Study

A potential reservoir for the brown tide organism, Aureoumbra lagunensis, in a South Texas estuary - Read More

Tech Note

New Tools & Accessories for Monitoring Algal Growth in Test Tubes

The In-Line Adaptor accessory P/N 2820-530 for C-FLUOR probes can be used to help users monitor algal growth in test tubes without affecting algal cultures. This demonstration shows how these tools and accessories are effective for growth monitoring. 

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