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Copper Plate available for extended deployments of C3 & C6P Submersible Sensors

Biofouling is one of the greatest challenges for long term deployments. There are many different preventative measures to help control biofouling but none are a complete solution to the problem. Turner Designs initially offered wipers when we introduced the C3 and added replaceable copper tape a few years later. Through experience, we learned the concentration of copper in the tape simply wasn’t enough to completely prevent growth in active environments. However, when coupled with the wiper, copper tape is an effective & low cost solution for reducing biofouling. Our latest C3 and C6P accessory, the Antifouling Copper Plate (PN 2300/2360-507), yields the best results for preventing growth from organisms on or around the optical head. And when coupled with the 3-arm wiper, the C3/C6P can now be deployed for very long periods of time with minimal maintenance. For more information view the technical note.

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